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Medical Center

Click here to listen to Dr. Bonny describe the Medical Center.

Medical Center

(Photo: The entrance to the Grace Fellowship Medical Center in the Kivulu slum area of Kampala)

We have established a medical clinic to care for the basic needs of the local community, the street children and our church population. Staffed by a full time doctor, Dr. Bonny, and assisted by a traveling doctor, two nurse, lab technician and medical assistant, we are able to perform check ups, give inoculations, administer medicines (when available) and provide limited short stay treatments.

(Photo: The exam room/doctor's office)

In an area that has limited resources for preventative health care and education, we see a significant number of malaria and typhoid cases, treatment for common ailments like digestive and urinary infections, and HIV/AIDS related illnesses.

With our limited resources we are currently not able to extend services to care that requires extensive prescription drugs (no locked pharmacy or refrigeration), or care that requires special equipment (diagnosis equipment outside of blood work - ultrasound or x-ray for example), or surgery, at risk birth, or extended care.

(Photo: Medical Lab)

We are prayerful and hopeful for our future in this endeavor. We have additional rooms at the clinic that we can turn into wards (men's, women's, children, maternity) once we are able to fund basics such as beds, IV units, etc.

(Photo: The patient ward area. Here a mother visits with two of her children, one with Typhoid, one battling Malaria)