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New Church Building

We met in a small, partially enclosed shelter on the church property for years while we worked on the church building.

(Photo: Our meeting place on a Sunday Morning in 2010)

Our goal was to build a church large enough to accommodate our growing church, along with much needed meeting rooms, classrooms and offices. In addition, we also wanted use the facility as a meeting place for the community. We see the opportunity to use the building a tool to reach out to the community, hosting community events and even potentially to rent some space to offset some of the cost of the building. The Lord has provided us with the vision, and He is faithful to continue to provide what we need to make it happen!

 (Photo: The city approved the architectural plan for our new church)


By 2011, we had completed the site preparation, clearing contaminated and non-supporting soil, as well as basic leveling. We had put in place the deep pillar or column footers (several meters deep) and had completed the basic foundation work and were beginning to work on building the walls. We continued to rely on God's timing and provision. It cost approximately 2 cents for each brick, and roughly $2.00 a day in labor to lay the bricks.

 (Right: Photo taken in 2011 shows the foundation of the New Church. The meeting structure at that time is at the upper right.)

Our next big phases were completing the walls and the roof. As funding became available, we were able to build sections of the walls. Also, we were able to install the roof, which began when the brackets were delivered in 2013. It involved large steel supports that span the building, leaving the main meeting area free from pillars or columns. 

(Left: Walls going up in the office/classroom area.)

We are so grateful for the funding and prayers that were supplied in the process! Praise God for His generous provision!

Left and below: Sunday morning worship in the new sanctuary (photos taken in 2017).