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Widows' Might

Widows’ Might is a ministry of Grace Fellowship Church in Kampala, Uganda. Extreme poverty is a way of life in the slums, and women and children are especially vulnerable to its effects. When a woman is widowed in Uganda, there is often nobody to take care of her and provide for her physical needs. Pastor Nelson's wife, “Mama Sarah,” has come up with a way to improve upon this situation for some of these women. She has organized a group of widows and mothers and helped them get supplies to make jewelry, baskets, bags and other items. They use materials such as paper, beans, seeds and shells as well as grasses and reeds. Some school children have been given the opportunity to raise tuition, which is the responsibility of the families of the students. There is no social security and no free public education, no social security, no welfare program in Uganda.

The name of this ministry is taken from the story of the widow in Luke 21:1-4, who gave her last two mites (coins) to the offering at church. It reflects the heart of a humble servant, though poor in material possessions, was rich in the love of her Lord. It also reflects the MIGHT, or strength, that the women involved in this ministry find through Jesus Christ. He is the Mightiest of the Mighty, and provides for these women and their children.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information about purchasing items. You can also find us on Facebook under Uttermost Ministries.

Long necklace made of paper beads

Donation: $10.00

Shoulder Bag with zipper Suggested

Suggested Donation:$10.00